Restube automatic
Restube automatic
Restube automatic
Restube automatic
Restube automatic

Restube automatic

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For drone & distance rescue

Water activated Restube buoy (75 N), light enough to be thrown far distances, transportable by drones with a payload of 900 g, reusable

Typical application: drone & distance rescue
Classification: buoyancy aid
Placement: in watchtowers, rescue stations, emergency vehicles and watercrafts

Restube automatic is a unique version that inflates upon contact in water. It can be thrown to a victim from a safe distance or dropped by a drone and provide helpful buoyancy within seconds (75N). This saves valuable time until the actual rescue happens. Therefore, Restube automatic is ideal for first responders to carry out immediate life-saving measures. In addition, Restube automatic keeps objects up to 6kg afloat. For heavier objects or drones, the use of several products is recommended. Any drone with a payload of 900g or more can safely carry Restube automatic.

Buoyancy: 75N (~7.5kg)
Dimensions inflated buoy: 70 x 15 x 12 cm
Dimensions unboxed (LxWxH): 15 x 6 x 5 cm
Product weight: 245g
Max. number of releases: up to 100
Min. payload drone: 900g

Country of origin: Germany

Scope of delivery:
1x Restube lifeguard, incl. 16g Restube CO2 cartridge, 1x manual

Order no.: RT-00901-AU

*included in Case Set 1 & 3

The control of the system must be implemented after each use and / or annually. The check can be carried out by a technically experienced employee of the organization according to the instructions for use and without special tools. It is also possible to send the products to RESTUBE for inspection for a fee of 15€ per Restube (plus return shipping costs).

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Come funziona Restube automatic

6 reasons for Restube automatic?

1. Buoyancy aid for water rescue
2. Inflates upon contact with water
3. Light enough to be thrown far distance
4. Easy to handle and maintain
5. Carriable by drone (from 900g payload)
6. Can safely keep objects or drones up to 6kg above water

In Germany

  • There are more drownings than death from fire every year
  • 75% of all drowning accidents happen in lakes and rivers
Key feature
Inflates upon contact with water

As soon as the system immerses in water, the buoy inflates within seconds. To reactivate the system Restube rearming kit provides both a CO2 cartridge (16g) and a water activator.

Key feature
Light enough to be thrown far distance

If you are outside of the water, throw the water activated “Restube automatic” to the person in need

Key feature
Carriable by drones

Any drone with a payload of more than 900g can carry Restube automatic - whether to protect the drone or to provide helpful buoyancy for the victim. There are various options to either drop or lay Restube automatic next to the person in need.

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David Kohler
Head of Sales Professional Rescue

+49 163 7597424

Why professionals use Restube automatic

"We organize the German kitesurfing championships and Restube is our official safety partner. During one of our past events, our film drone crashed into the sea and was never found again. Since then we use the Restube automatic to protect our drones. Restube is a cool team and so are their products."

Matthias Regber
Safety Partner Event, Choppy Water GmbH

"When a person is in the water and needs to be rescued, fear and panic play a big role. With Restube automatic, we have the possibility to relax the situation within a very short time which gives the victim a sense of safety."

Clemens Kopplin
Fire Chief of the Volunteer Fire Brigade on Ruegen

The police in North Rhine-Westphalia uses Restube automatic to safeguard their officers on patrol at bodies of water.

The Police in NRW