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Restube active

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For all-round & athletic use

Whether around water, while swimming or stand-up paddling, for training or in competition. Just wear it stoved in the compact pocket to have your focus even more in the moment. Pull the trigger and the yellow Restube buoy inflates within seconds. Restube active provides enough buoyancy (75N) for adults, just lean over it to lift your head out of the water. Wave with the buoy to catch attention or drag it behind you. You also can share the buoyancy with others, which makes it the ideal companion in open water. It is reusable by screwing in a new original 16g CO2 cartridge and very easy to repack.

  • Full Restube function
  • Buoyancy 75N (~7.5kg)
  • Buoy length 65cm
  • Buoy diameter 13cm
  • Up to 100 releases

  • Inflatable also with mouth valve
  • Easy to repack
  • Convenient to wear doing active sports
  • Horizontally and vertically attachable
  • "Active Belt" (120 x 2.5 cm) including "Positioning bar"
  • Compatible with RESTUBE READY products
  • Trigger handle also serves as a whistle
  • Small compartment in the flap (not waterproof)


Active Swimming
Open Waters
Stand Up Paddling
Swim Run
Ice Swimming
Family & Kids
Snorkeling & Recreation
Body Boarding
On Board
Canoe & Kayak

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Why Restube active?

  • The "Allround Restube" for versatile and sporty use
  • Easy to pack
  • More buoyancy and functionality compared to Restube beach
  • Optimal wearing comfort during swimming due to positioning rod
  • Trigger is also a whistle
  • Can also be inflated with the mouth valve
  • Reusable
  • Available in two colors
  • Small and lightweight, therefore particularly comfortable during sports activity

Placement recommendations

  • Optimally placed in the water sports section, complementary to SUP's, wetsuits, swimming goggles and water sports equipment
  • Restube as addition to all water sports products
  • Sales promotion through RESTUBE Shop Displays (Dealer Marketing Set)

“I have already tested Restube myself in open water training and found it to be very good and practical. I think this one should also be unproblematic in competition use, especially for longer distances.”

Peter Mayerlen
Baden-Württemberg Triathlon Association

“For me, swimming in open water means limitless freedom. Restube gives me even more focus and enables me to swim further and longer.”

Loic Branda
Professional open water swimmer

“My favorite Restube is the ‘Active’ one. When I swim longer distances, the vertical attachment and fixed position on my back are worth their weight in gold.”

Johanna Hellinghausen
Marketing RESTUBE