The worlds smallest buoyancy aid

Engineered and assembled in Germany, RESTUBE offers quality and reliability when you need it. Our products provide unrestricted movement for your clients to do what they love, and the priceless peace-of-mind knowing they'll return home to who they love.

Our mission

Together with strong partners, to continue to raise awareness of water safety to counteract one of the leading causes of fatal accidents - drowning.

How Restube works

One idea - Three main markets

Recreation & Family
Snorkeling | Family & kids | SUP | Boating
Restube beach pfd by RESTUBE
Sport & Competition
Fishing | Open Water | Training | Kite Surfing | Surfing
Restube active Restube extreme
Professional Rescue
Lifeguards | Firefighters | Police | Drone Rescue
Restube lifeguard Restube automatic

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for a relaxed time of your customers in the water


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Our partners

Sweden - “RESTUBE makes your event safer! As the organizer of the Red Bull Battle of the Sund in Sweden, we chose RESTUBE because it provides safety to all participants in the water. Safety is the most important point during an event this size and RESTUBE gives us the possibility to archive exactly this.”

Mattias Petersson
Red Bull, Sweden

Germany - "The basic concept of Restube convinced me from the very beginning. Due to the company's history and the innovative rescue products, I have been a convinced and loyal customer for many years."

Julian Gottwald
Distributor, Germany

Germany – “As a lifeguard Restube is great. The inflatable is so small that I can wear it all the time. If I have to rescue a swimmer, I can directly jump into the water, have my hands free and enough buoyancy to secure the bather.”

Clemens Menge
Lifeguard, DLRG Konstanz

Japan – “I have been enjoying water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, SUP and so on, for long years and had some experience of facing danger at the sea. The first time I saw RESTUBE, I felt that it was my responsibility to introduce it to the Japanese market !”

Toshi Araki
Distributor, Japan

Germany - "As a stand up paddler, safety is very important on our tours. Therefore, Restube is always with us. Small, handy and it doesn't interfere with paddling. But in case of an emergency, we have a buoyancy aid in a split second that provides enough buoyancy."

Andreas & Jutta Saurle
SUP Center, Germany

International Distributors