How to sell Restube

Selling strategies for the worlds smallest inflatable swim buoy.

How to sell

Restube is a safety product for more freedom and safety in the water - and like many technical products, it needs explanation. We therefore recommend addressing the customer directly, clarifying the area of application (activity on or in the water) right at the start. Thus, the right Restube can be selected and the many benefits corresponding to the activity can be mentioned.

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Our TOP 5 Sales Tips:

Tip 1

Place the inflated buoy in plain view in the aquatics area of the store (see Restube POS Material).

Tip 2

Address customers directly on the topic of water safety.

Tip 3

Trigger the Restube demo product or, even better, let the customer trigger it himself.

Tip 4

Offer Restube as an add-on to all water sports items.

Tip 5

Increase sales via add-ons (e.g. Co2 replacement cartridges, Xl belt) and secure the after sale.

Best Practice Store Sales

  • Address customers directly and place Restube visibly in the store
  • The yellow, inflated buoy attracts customers' attention all by itself: place Restube in inflated state in the shop window, on a mannequin, on the counter or on the shelf
  • Place Restube in the store by or near water sports products
  • Offer Restube as a product bundle with other water sports items ( SUP + Restube, Snorkel Set + Restube)
  • Offer customers a trial release for a complete product experience and understanding (free cartridges can be requested from RESTUBE)
  • Use the buoy stand incl. Restube active with DIN A4 user images and flyers
  • The 4-set display POP as a product box with small stand shows the basic function of Restube and increases the visibility in the store in a small area
  • The RESTUBE Dealer Marketing Set incl. test model and spare cartridges is an ideal starter package for more Restube visibility in the store
  • In addition, we are happy to provide support with store flags, larger banners or roll-ups for special promotion days
  • You can find our POS marketing products here

Best Practice Online Sales

  • In the RESTUBE product data table you will find detailed product texts and all links to the download area for images, videos, comic
  • Show images with inflated buoy and link to videos to explain the function of Restube in a particularly understandable way
  • Our functional comic shows the core idea on a non-verbal level, without depicting a specific target group and without language barriers
  • Engage the prospect with emotional application images, don’t just show product images in the online store
  • Show different target group images to appeal to a broad group of buyers (e.g. Restube active:, swimming, sailing, SUP, fishing)
  • Use videos and quotes from end customers, see RESTUBE website
  • Clever product links under "Other customers also bought" or "Matching accessories" increases sales and product awareness (SUP + Restube, swimwear + Restube)

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Customer FAQs

The most effective means of immediately easing critical situations in the water is additional buoyancy right at your fingertips. Restube is so small that you can really always have it with you and it doesn't change your mobility in the water. But if you want lift, just pull the trigger. Also, you can pass the buoy on to others or wave it to draw attention to yourself.

Yes, by replacing the CO2 cartridge, Restube is immediately ready for use again, up to 200 times, depending on the model. The sales package contains a Restube incl. a matching CO2 cartridge. After use, Restube is very easy to get ready to go again: Deflate, insert a new gas cartridge, fold the buoyancy chamber according to the printed instructions, and stow the whole thing in the bag! ATTENTION: Only the original RESTUBE CO2 cartridges are 1.) 100% quality tested, 2.) seawater resistant, 3.) level tested and 4.) the necessary release force is matched to the release. The cartridges comply with the standard for life jackets DIN EN ISO 12402-7. If other cartridges are used, it cannot be guaranteed that Restube will fill without problems in an emergency and the trigger may be damaged.

When you lean over the buoy, Restube lifts your airway - meaning your head to your mouth - out of the water. The section of the head up to the mouth is about the same weight for most people. That is, it is independent of the height of the user. For more comfort through more buoyancy, Restube active or extreme is recommended.

Restube is recommended for good swimmers from the age of 10. The child must understand that in an emergency situation he or she must trigger and hold on to it. It’s best to let your child try Restube a few times in shallow water while you’re there. So he or she can experience how easy the release works and how well the buoyancy can help immediately.

Customer Objections

What is the topic of safety worth to you? Restube is a tool that can be used in many activities and in many water sports. Restube can be compared to a bicycle helmet or ski helmet, it serves as a backup and can save lives in an emergency situation. But Restube can also be used as an inflated buoy when swimming and snorkeling.

The great advantage of Restube is that it is so small and light that it gives you full freedom of movement. So you can fully enjoy the moment in the water and feel free.

SUP is a trendy sport and many families and beginners try the recreational sport without being aware of the various dangers. The board can lose air, a leash can snap, the weather can change in seconds, and waves and wind can make it hard to get back on the board. With Restube, you don’t just have buoyancy for yourself when you need it. You can pass the buoy on to others and draw attention to yourself with the signal color.

An emergency situation in the water can arise for a variety of reasons: a cramp, a current, or cold water that causes circulation problems. If you swim alone, you are completely on your own. If you swim in a group, you can become a risk for others or someone in the group can find themselves in trouble. Restube increases your own safety as well as that of others in the water. Restube active is perfect for swimmers, it can be worn vertically or horizontally and optimally placed on the back with the positioning rod.

Restube can be attached directly to the harness - completely unnoticeable but always there when you need it.

The problem with life jackets is: they are usually not worn out of convenience and are only put on when danger is detected, possibly too late. Restube is not a replacement for a life jacket, but rather an add-on that is really always with you, because Restube is so small and light and gives you full freedom of movement.